Advanced Warfare - Scorestreaks / Killstreaks

Racking up consecutive kills without dying builds your score and earns you scorestreak rewards. You also earn additional points for performing actions that are beneficial to your team, like completing objectives and taking out enemy air support.

The Pick 13 system in Advanced Warfare has moved the scorestreaks to your class loadout and made them completely optional. If you want, you can skip them and use their extra allocation points on other areas of your loadout, like attachments and perks. You can equip a maximum of 3 scorestreaks, but a 4th slot can be unlocked for an additional cost by selecting the "Streaker" Wildcard.

Each kill earns you 50-100 points depending on the game mode, while completing objectives yield better rewards, for example, capturing the enemy flag gives you 150 points.

The Hardline perk can be used to decrease the cost of each streak reward by 100 points.


All the killstreaks in AW can be customized with modules for added functionality. For example, the UAV can be upgraded to scramble the enemy radar.

Every installed module, however, increases the cost of the streak reward. Like in the example above, the UAV normally costs 400 points but adding the Scramble module increases it by 200 points - the UAV now has a score requirement of 600 points before it can be called in.

The more powerful the module is, the more it will increase the streak's score requirement.

Some killstreaks, like the UAV and Orbital Care Package, can be upgraded to work similar to the Support Strike Package from MW3. The "Support" module will make a scorestreak retain all points that were earned towards it after death - this way you don't need to start completely from scratch after respawning.

DNA Bomb

DNA Bomb

Hidden killstreak that works like the MOAB nuke from Modern Warfare 3. Once the DNA Bomb is deployed, the enemy team is eliminated - the detonation also leaves behind a green mist for a short duration that can limit your vision.

The DNA Bomb is earned after getting 30 kills with your normal weapons.

Aerial Recon Drone

Aerial Recon Drone

Works like the Recon Drone from MW3. It allows you to control a drone that can be used to mark enemies, which will then show up on the radar.

Streak Cost: 350



Shows enemies on the radar as dots. The UAV normally flies above the map and can be shot down by the enemy, unless the Orbital module is installed.

Streak Cost: 400


Extra Assist Points (+ 150)

Gives you additional assist points for every active kill.

Scrambler (+ 200)

Scrambles the enemy radar.

Extra Time (+ 100)

The UAV lasts longer than normal.

Speed (+ 100)

Speeds up the UAV refresh rate.

Enemy Direction (+ 200)

Turns enemies into arrows that show their position and direction.

Threat Detection (+ 300)

Shows all enemies through walls for 10 seconds after the UAV is called in.

Orbital (+ 300)

Makes the UAV orbital so that it can't be shot down by the enemy.

Support (+ 300)

All points earned towards the UAV are kept after death.

Aerial Assault Drone

Aerial Assault Drone

Player controllable Assault Drone with a high explosive charge that can be detonated. The drone can be upgraded to be AI controlled and additional machine guns and rockets can also be installed.

Streak Cost: 450

Orbital Care Package

Orbital Care Package

The Care Package is dropped into the map and can be picked up by anyone. The package contains a random scorestreak or the current maps special streak reward.

Streak Cost: 500


Double Tab (+ 200)

If you are dissatisfied with the initial Care Package, you can use double tab to change its contents.

Better Odds (+ 200)

Increases the odds of getting a higher level streak reward.

Support (+ 600)

All points earned towards the Orbital Care Package are kept after death.

Remote Turret

Remote Turret

Deployable remote controlled turret with a minigun. While the turret is not player controlled, it won't attack enemies unless the Sentry module is installed.

Streak Cost: 550


Rocket Turret (+ 100)

Replaces the default minigun or Directed Energy module for a rocket launcher.

Directed Energy (+ 100)

Replaces the default minigun or Rocket Turret for a laser.

Rippable (+ 100)

Allows you to rip off the turret head and use it like a normal weapon.

Sentry (+ 200)

Turns the turret into a normal Sentry Gun that automatically attacks enemies. You can still manually control the turret at anytime.

360 Turret Head (+ 100)

The turret can turn a full 360 degrees and can't be flanked.

Heavy Resistance (+ 100)

Allows the turret to take more damage before being destroyed.

Support (+ 600)

All points earned towards the Remote Turret are kept after death.

System Hack

System Hack

Disables enemy HUD, radar and reticles. The System Hack can also be upgraded to disable enemy equipment, exosuits and streaks.

Streak Cost: 600

XS1 Vulcan

XS1 Vulcan

Allows you to manually control the XS1 Vulcan that shoots bursts of high powered energy from space.

Streak Cost: 600


Overcharged (+ 100)

Increases the energy beams width.

Light Show (+ 200)

Adds three rotating lasers to the XS1 Vulcan.

Extra Burst (+ 300)

Adds one extra burst.

Missile Strike

Missile Strike

Player guided missile strike that can be upgraded to split into Cluster Missiles for area damage or enemy targeting Hellfire Missiles. The primary missile can be upgraded to leave behind a swarm of Nanobots with the Nano Swarm module.

Streak Cost: 650

Bombing Run

Bombing Run

Call in an airstrike to any point in the map.

Streak Cost: 725


Additional Bomber (+ 400)

Adds an extra bomber to the airstrike.

Flares (+ 100)

Shoots flares to ward off locked enemy missiles.

Care Packages (+ 300)

Drops Care Packages instead of bombs close to the chosen site.

Stealth (+ 100)

Makes the bombers undetectable by enemy radar.

XS1 Goliath

XS1 Goliath

Heavily armored Mech Suit. Once deployed on the map, you can climb in and take control. The Goliath is slow, but it's well protected and has a powerful minigun. The suit can be self-destructed at anytime.

The XS1 Goliath is featured in Black Ops 3 as an AI controlled Scorestreak called G.I. Unit. While a good amount of the black ops 3 scorestreaks like Mothership are similar to Advanced Warfare's counterparts, they can't be customized with modules.

Streak Cost: 775


Recon (+ 100)

Shows enemy exo movements and fired weapons on your HUD.

Trophy (+ 100)

Destroys grenades and rockets that are fired at the XS1 Goliath.

Homing Rockets (+ 100)

Shoulder mounted rocket pack that can be locked and fired on a target.



A remotely controlled aerial attack vehicle with miniguns.

Streak Cost: 850


Rockets (+ 300)

Adds rockets to the Warbird.

Aggressor (+ 300)

Makes the Warbird AI controlled so that it will automatically engages enemies around the map.

Wingman (+ 300)

Allows another player to join the Warbird and attack enemies with a MG Turret.



Controllable weapon system onboard a Paladin gunship.

Streak Cost: 950


Laser Guided Rocket (+ 200)

Adds laser guided rockets.

105MM Cannon (+ 300)

Adds a powerful 105MM cannon.

Wingman (+ 300)

Allows another player to join the Paladin and use a MG Turret.