Microsoft E3 Press Conference: "Induction" Campaign Level

June 10, 2014

Microsoft E3 Press Conference: "Induction" Campaign Level

E3 has officially started and like every year, since 2009, Microsoft was the first of the three console manufacturers to hold their press conference. Call of Duty has been a Microsoft exclusive for many years at E3 and Sledgehammer Games kept up the tradition by showing exclusive new footage of Advanced Warfare.

The new gameplay showed a campaign level called "Induction", which takes place in Seoul, South Korea and follows Pvt. Jack Mitchell, Pvt. Will Irons and Sgt. Cormack as they are dropped into the city.

During the gameplay you can see Mitchell's IMR (Integrated Munitions Rifle) print its own bullets on the fly. The exoskeleton's features, like the boost jump, allow you to maneuver like never before in a Call of Duty game. Check out the full 9 minute presentation below:

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