COD: AW Is Being Built on a New Engine

May 7, 2014

COD: AW Is Being Built on a New Engine

In GameInformer's June issue, Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer Games' co-founder, has stated that Advanced Warfare is being built on a brand new engine that's fully focused on the next-generation consoles.

All the previous Call of Duty games have been using a heavily modified version of the id Tech 3 engine that was used in Quake III Arena back in 1999. This engine has been nicknamed the "IW Engine" by Infinity Ward and has received a lot of upgrades throughout the years. It's unknown at this time if Advanced Warfare's engine is based on another 3rd party engine, like Unreal or CryENGINE, or if it's being built from the ground up by Sledgehammer Games.

According to Eurogamer, new engine or not, it seems that the gameplay footage on the reveal trailer was only running at 900p. The gameplay was from the Xbox One version, so it's likely that the PlayStation 4 version of the game might run at full 1080p, since it has a faster GPU and RAM.

Eurogamer: We'll update should more media becoming available, but we'll go with a ballpark 1568x882 for now. The game gives the impression of a 900p title with post-process anti-aliasing. Bearing in mind that Xbox One optimizations tend to carry across to PS4 with its larger GPU and fully unified RAM, a native 1080p resolution for that version of the game isn't out of the question.

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