Advanced Warfare Co-Op Mode Revealed: Exo Survival

September 25, 2014

Advanced Warfare Co-Op Mode Revealed: Exo Survival

Advanced Warfare's Co-Op mode has been finally revealed by Sledgehammer Games. The mode is called "Exo Survival" and works like Survival Mode from MW3.

Exo Survival's objective is simple: you and up to 3 other players fight against infinite waves of enemy AI controlled soldiers, attack dogs, mechs and drones on the game's multiplayer maps. You also get to choose a class for your soldier: Light, Heavy, or Special. As the names suggest, the Light class is fast, but weak, while the Heavy class is the exact opposite. The Special class sits between the Light and Heavy classes.

You earn upgrade points as you take out enemies and complete objectives; these points can be used to upgrade your exosuit and weaponry at upgrade stations that are scattered across the map.

Bonus objectives, like gather intel or defend an area, are assigned randomly. Extra upgrade points are rewarded for completing these objectives, but failing them on the other hand triggers penalties. For example, you get a temporary weapon reduction or enemy Sentry Guns are dropped into the map.

Check out the new singleplayer and Exo Survival trailer below:

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