"Retreat" & "Recovery" Multiplayer Maps

September 13, 2014

"Retreat" & "Recovery" Multiplayer Maps

IGN First will be covering COD: AW this month with exclusive content, ranging from MP map reveals to the first look at the new co-op mode in the game.

IGN has already revealed two new maps, which you can check out below:


Retreat takes place in an Atlas resort located in China. The map uses the classic three-lane design, but the center has been mixed up to allow players to fully utilize their exosuit's boost jump. There are lots of elements within the map that can be used to jump out of places or even make longer jumps.

The sides of the map are clean and spacious, which makes them great for assault rifles. Things get more mixed when going into the interior spaces and eventually turns into pure close-quarters combat.

Retreat has been especially designed for CTF and Domination. Chokepoints are scattered around the map and can be used to cutoff enemy flag runners, but there are still ways to sneak around by taking longer routes.

NOTE: the map was called "Venus" at the time of recording - its final name is "Retreat".


Recovery takes place on top of a volcano in Hawaii. The volcano erupts halfway through the match and releases volcanic gas and large chunks of debris. The volcanic event opens two transport doors to the other half of the map - players have one minute to get to the other side before they close.

The first half of the map is more compact with narrow corridors that offer fast gameplay and close-quarters combat. The second half of the map, the outer area, is more spacious that favors open gameplay with long-range weaponry, like ARs.

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