Advanced Warfare Collector's Editions Revealed

July 29, 2014

Advanced Warfare Collector's Editions Revealed

Activision has announced, along with the multiplayer world reveal, three new AW collector's editions that come with a variety of different bonuses that any Call of Duty fan would enjoy.

Atlas Limited Edition ($79.99)

Atlas Limited Edition
  • Atlas Gorge MP Map: COD4 Pipeline multiplayer map remake.
  • Bal-27 Assault Rifle and Atlas-45 Pistol: Both fitted with an Atlas Corporation theme.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Custom bullet brass themed exoskeleton and EM1 Quantum.
  • Atlas Exoskeleton: Custom red & black Atlas exoskeleton.
  • Atlas Helmet: Custom state-of-the-art Atlas helmet.
  • Atlas Player Card: Custom Atlas calling card and emblem.
  • Five Bonus Supply Drops: Can be used to unlock in-game content.
  • SP Exoskeleton Upgrade Token: Provides an extra upgrade for your singleplayer campaign exoskeleton.
  • Advanced Soldier Manual: Features original concept artwork and tactical information.
  • Collectible SteelBook: Features premium in-game artwork.
  • Soundtrack: Copy of Advanced Warfare's score.

Atlas Pro Edition ($119.99)

Atlas Pro Edition

Contains everything included in the Atlas Limited Edition (above), but also comes with a Season Pass that includes 4 DLC map packs that are going to be released in 2015.

Atlas Digital Pro Edition ($99.99)

Atlas Digital Pro Edition

Same as the Atlas Pro Edition but it contains digital content only, meaning no Advanced Soldier Manual, Collectible SteelBook or Soundtrack.

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